About the Club

Two Common Cents Club is a website for solopreneurs, by a solopreneur.

Over the course of the last twenty years, I’ve worked in small business consulting, business development, community building, and software. I strongly believe that small businesses are an important part of a neighbourhood’s flavour and community, and I’m trying to bring some of that to small online businesses, too, by sharing everything as I work to scale my own side hustle into a successful microbusiness.

Twice a month, I’ll share updates on how that’s going, as well as conversations, tools, and learnings that are helping me make progress. That content will be available here for free, and you can learn more on the site’s first article.

The Club is also a community. For a small membership fee, subscribers can comment on articles, receive content directly to their email inbox (and email me directly), participate in AMAs, and access discounts on tools and services I use to run my own microbusiness.

I’m building in public here, so please excuse the mess. I’ve got a lot of plans for this site and for Dropped Bits itself, and I’m so excited to help build your microbusiness, together.

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Jamie Larson